Friday, November 17, 2017


My smart board went out today.

It was working fine. The kids were doing the math I had posted on it. We were about to go over the math, when - it went dark.

I tried turning it back on. I felt around in the back in case there was a secret reboot button. Then I went across the hall to get the teacher who's used one at another for years. She had no luck. So I did the only thing I could do; I crawled under my desk, curled up into a fetal position, and whimpered softly - until students tried to talk me out. Then I covered my ears and began howling.

Well, not really. Actually I got out my teacher's edition and used a marker and white board to teach the lesson. It took a minute though. I have quickly become used to using the smart board. I have my math and English Language Arts lessons ready to go every day on that board. It took a minute to change my thoughts back to pencil and white board. It wasn't automatic. I'm a victim of technology. I depend on it to be there. I've been seduced.

The tech guys fixed it later that morning. It was a blown fuse, and various devices were off line in all of the rooms on my side of the hallway depending on where they were plugged in in the classroom.

But then -

The Think Central website went down while our students were supposed to be taking their weekly online reading test. Our Title person made copies of the tests for the entire grade level and the students took them with their pencils rather than on their laptops. They adjusted well.

Now I've got paper tests I have to grade. Online, Think Central automatically grades them for us.

Oh, the humanity!